Psychology Top 11 List - Best Blogs

The best psychology blogs to help you understand the human mind. We've included blogs relating to family, relationships & marriage, work & business psychology, as well as blogs explaining different personality types, and musings from psychologists themselves.

Azevedo Family Psychology

This father & daughter run psychology practice focuses on strengthening marriages & families with a positive, healing approach. On their blog, you'll find insights for navigating parent/child relationships, as well as marriage counseling, and coupling advice, including the LGTBQ community.
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Blunt Therapy

Get helpful tips, articles, and advice about mental health & wellness on Blunt Therapy, from a therapist who has suffered themselves. The blog includes categories on substance abuse, depression, anxiety, as well as relationship therapy. There are also resources & quizzes to help you move forward.
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Georgetown Psychology

Although they are based in Georgetown, Bethesda, and McLean, this team of child psychologists caters to clients all over the US via their Online Therapy sessions. And their bi-weekly blog is a great source of help when it comes to understanding your kid's stages of development & challenges.
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Neuroscience Marketing

In this blog, Roger Dooley explains the importance of appealing to the non-conscious mind of consumers when marketing their brand or products. You'll find over 1,000 articles about consumer neuroscience, neuromarketing, and persuasion psychology from a practical business perspective.
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Positive Psychology News

With a goal to being your daily dose of research-based happiness, this blog is written by alumni or students at the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) programs and some invited guest authors. You'll find the latest news about happiness, the science of happiness, and positive psychology.
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Psychology Junkie

MBTI certified practitioner & Enneagram coach, Susan Storm, aims to help everyone understand themselves in this blog. You'll find a simple system to determine your psychological type, and from there Susan provides insights that can improve all aspects of your life.
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In this incredibly perceptive blog, Clinical Psychologist, Alisa Crossfield, shares what she personally learns from her practice. With over 14 years of experience, as well as being a mom to two teenagers, Alisa's insights are genuine, helpful, and relatable to all walks of life.
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The Angry Therapist

John Kim is a therapist, life coach, and author of 'I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*Ck'. Known for opening up his own life in a direct & humorous way, he has transformed the idea of self-help. You'll find honest & clear takeaways from his brilliantly told stories.
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The Energy Project

For two decades, The Energy Project has been helping to change the way the world works through business psychology. Working from positive & optimistic energy can place everyone in the Performance Zone. And understanding that, from a business leader's point of view, is what this blog is all about.
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Tiny Changes Matter

"We are here to help you get to know yourself and your feelings better, improve relationships with important people in your life, become more confident in your decisions and gain self-confidence, understand other people's behavior better and improve communication with them, change bad habits and replace them with good ones, successfully overcome challenging life situations, overcome any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back."
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What is Psychology

This is a fantastic blog to understand the psychological workings of the human mind. Its light reading and facts are applied to everyday life and happenings in the world, so it's easy for everyone to understand. Posts include understanding anxiety, how to mentally re-energize, and heaps more.
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