Hip Hop Top 10 List - Best Blogs

The best hip-hop blogs to listen to the newest tracks, discover emerging artists, find album & single reviews, and all the updated industry news. Some of these blogs will also accept music submissions for review & exposure.

Fake Shore Drive

Fake Shore Drive has been the go-to source for Chicago-based hip-hop news for over ten years. And it recently branched out to cover the entire Midwest too. You'll find updated news, emerging artist reviews, and it's a very easy process to submit your own music for review & exposure.
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Hip Hop Is Read

Hip Hop Is Read centers around Hip Hop music and also features some political, art, and cultural spin. You'll find compilations of the top hip hop albums & singles categorized by year as well as hip hop samples of the year.
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Hip Hop Since 1987

This hip-hop blog might be based in Philly, but it shares a broad variety of content that can sometimes be overlooked by other hip-hop sites. Their coverage of the escalating battle rap scene is well worth tuning in, and their YouTube channel is pretty awesome too.
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HipHop N More

HipHop N More prides itself on updating its viewers with the 'freshest and hottest' hip-hop news, music & videos. Check out their weekly series called Saturday Spotlight, where upcoming artists & producers are highlighted. You can also submit your own music for review.
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LA On Lock

LA On Lock is a media platform for independent hip-hop music that has been using its blog to provide coverage for up & coming artists from the LA area since 2013. You'll also find artist interviews, album & single reviews, as well as event updates.
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Media Takeout News

New York-based Media Take Out is a gossip blog mainly focused on African American celebrity news. Founded by a former corporate lawyer, Fred Mwangaguhunga, you'll find hip hop gossip, entertainment news, as well as TV, sport, and political gossip.
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The Boom Box

The Boom Box is well known for its compelling articles about Hip-Hop and Rap music, as well as music comparisons, and reviews on new singles, albums, & videos from the same genres. Check out their content for articles like The 10 Incredible Freestyles That Shook Up Rap.
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Underground Hip Hop Blog

Featuring new & fresh underground music from all over the world, this blog will expose you to experimental hip hop, as well as mainstream artists. You'll also find artist interviews, live sessions, and upcoming events. It's also a great place for artists to promote their music.
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Weekly Rap Gods

Weekly Rap Gods is an independent organization featuring interviews & writes ups from hip-hop artists & producers who truly define the essence of the hip-hop sound and respect for the culture. You'll find 'No trap. No Mumble Rap. Strictly Boom Bap.'
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WorldStar HipHop

Worldstar HipHop is a hugely popular blog featuring news updates on hip hop, rap, and the music & entertainment industry. You'll find interviews, videos, breaking news, and gossip, as well as new music releases. This blog also accepts music submissions from emerging artists.
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