LDS Top 10 List - Best Blogs

The top LDS blogs spreading the word of Jesus Christ, celebrating their Mormon faith, and blogging about their lifestyles, families, dreams & struggles.

Al Carraway

Al Carraway is an LDS convert, successful author of three books, mom, and an award-winning speaker. She's passionate about spreading the message that happiness exists and that it comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Al believes that God is our reason to be wildly optimistic about everything.
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By Common Consent

Started in 2004 by a group of Mormons, By Common Consent offers a thoughtful platform to post and discuss Mormon topics. Articles are centered around seeking truth, reason, and honesty within the faith. And the authors can vary, ranging from LDS bloggers to Dialogue journalists.
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C. Jane Kendrick

C. Jane Kendrick is a writer, columnist, co-founder of the Rooftop Concert Series in Utah, as well as a wife, mother & advocate for fellow lispers. Back in 2005, she started blogging about infertility, which over time, morphed into other musings about her life, family, and her Mormon faith.
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Called To Share

Ben Arkell, who is a devout Mormon, Dad, and father to six children in Utah, started this blog to share scriptures from the Book of Mormon with the world. His goal is to flood the earth with information that will help seekers of the truth to find what they are looking for within the Mormon religion.
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Family Locket

Run by a team of LDS genealogists, two of which are mother & daughter, this blog provides advice and ideas for finding your ancestors. These ladies love to help people to become better researchers, and they share incredible tips and resources to connect with your history and keep it close to your heart.
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Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee Dooley is a best-selling author, small business owner, and avid hat wearer who inspires her blog followers to take small steps every day in order to achieve the life they want. She shares tips for happy families, households, devotions, and careers, as well as snippets into her own lifestyle.
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Mormon Life Hacker

Edited by John Dye, Mormon Life Hacker is a great blog to learn tips & tricks that make life for LDS members easier & more enjoyable. This blog will help you to simplify life, maximize the resources you have, and focus on what's most important. You'll also find Mormon news & entertainment updates.
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NieNie Dialogues

Stephanie Nielson is a mom, wife, Mormon, and burns survivor from a plane crash. She writes daily about her life, her children, and her Mormon faith. She also writes about her husband Christian, who survived the plane crash too, and documents their struggles & blessings as a family.
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Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir blog brings joy, peace, and healing to its LDS listeners via the universal language of music. As well as music from The Choir at Temple Square, you'll find information about upcoming events, choir practice schedule, and streams to watch live broadcasts.
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Third Hour

Third Hour is an online resource helping members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to stay current on what�s happening in the Church worldwide. They share news from the church, as well as articles about faith, love, and missionary life.
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