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The best book blogs for avid readers & bookworms of all genres. You'll find up-to-date book reviews, author interviews & free ebook offers. As well as reading recommendations for children's books, adults, and young adults.

Amanja Reads too Much

"I'm a big reader that needed a place to talk about books. If you're a big reader who is tired of getting blank stares whenever you start talking about your latest adventure in literature you've come to the right place. Basically, I'm a huge nerd. I read too much, watch a ton of movies, and play video games. I have a critical mind and often find myself reading books that I have a strong urge to comment on."
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Book Riot

Book Riot provides all sorts of book-related news, including reviews, advice, and commentary, as well as the latest in book-reading technology. You'll find categories on audiobooks, children's books, nonfiction, mystery & thrillers, comics, romance, books for young adults, and sci-fi/fantasy.
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BookBub is a free book-discovery service where you can find the books you love at unbeatable prices. The blog covers a wide range of genres from mysteries to cookbooks and everything in between. And once you sign up, they'll notify you about free or hugely discounted ebooks, as well as new releases from your favorite authors.
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Started in 1988 through bookstore subscriptions and public libraries, BookPage is a wide-ranging guide to the best new books. You'll find expert recommendations for the top picks in all genres. As well as author interviews and book bundle features.
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Bookroom Reviews

Bookroom Reviews is a great blog about children's & young adult's books. You'll find reviews and recommendations for the top 100 kids books, from simple picture books to the classics like Tom Sawyer and Little Women.
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Bustle Books

Bustle is an online magazine, centered around millennial women, featuring news & politics alongside entertainment, fashion, style & beauty. Their book blog, Bustle Books, focuses on poignant think pieces, life, rule breakers, self-improvement books, and lots of genres in between.
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Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Caffeinated Book Reviewer, aka Kimberly, reviews all types of books & genres for women, especially urban fantasy, romantic suspense, paranormal mysteries, and post-apocalyptic. Oh, and she loves coffee. You'll also find recent book news, author information, guest posts, blog tours, and giveaways.
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Epic Reads

Epic Reads is a book blog for young adults, mainly focused on the fantasy genre. You'll find book reviews from authors, bookworms & librarians. As well as news about book releases, author interviews, and great lists of the year's best books.
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Lost Art Press

This blog focuses on highlighting the 'lost art of woodworking'. It is a publishing company that was started by two enthusiastic woodworkers back in 2007. They wanted to encourage more high-quality woodworking books to be published. They took matters into their own hands. The blog features historical images, downloads, and all sorts of woodworking content.
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Love Bytes Reviews

"Love Bytes struggles to give LGTBQ+ books and their works the much deserved recognition by posting reviews, running giveaway contests for the authors, featuring their newly published works for promotion, hosting blog tours, conducting author interviews and lots more!"
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Maryse's Book Blog

Maryse's Book Blog is dedicated to romance of all genres, and her reviews will absolutely delight all romance addicts. You'll also find her Favorite section and a collection called In The Mood For, where Maryse recommends reads for all types of yearnings like an Age Gap Romance, A Broken Hero, or Single Mom Romances.
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New York Public Library

As a provider of free books, research, book & movie reviews, as well as all types of educational information for more than 100 years, the New York Public Library serves as an invaluable source of learning, knowledge, and community amongst its worldwide visitors.
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No Shelf Required

No Shelf Required is a discussional forum on ebooks and digital content of all types for librarians, publishers, writers, editors, distributors, educators, and anyone interested in the publishing and information industry.
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Study Hacks - Cal Newport

Study Hacks, by Cal Newport, a computer science professor & author, is all about understanding how to study more effectively in order to maximize productivity. He also recommends books, records a podcast, and writes interesting posts about how social media & digital communication are affecting our brains.
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Sweet Savage Flame

"Sweet Savage Flame is a site dedicated to old-school and vintage romance. They were those books your mother, grandmother, or older uncle read. Perhaps you might have read one or two yourself! From vintage reads to bodice rippers, historical romance to category romance, we love them all!"
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