Internetier Blog

Get up and running with a high quality blog in 2 minutes. It is free and you do not need any technical skills either.

How to Start a Blog

Just click the 'Start a new blog' button above and you will be presented with the new blog page. You just need to enter a name for the blog and you're ready to go.

Simple Blogging System

Please note that this is a very simple blogging system. We do not have advanced features like custom coding, custom designs, or plugins.

Benefits and Drawbacks

A drawback is the lack of customization and custom plugins like stats and stuff. That can also be a benefits, if you don't need those features anyways.

By plugging into the Internetier syststem by creating you blog, you reduce the risk of spam comments. Only registered users can comment, and the Internetier system has features to help combat spam.

By creating your account you also get access to the other web apps, including a free AI quiz generator and a forum.

Please note that you cannot use a custom domain for your blog. The blog address will be: (123 will be replaced by your blog ID). Posts addresses will look something like this:


The blog system is free to use, but it is supported by ads (we plan to keep ads at a minimum) . Our main reason for giving away this for free is to help recruit users to the Interntier eco-system.

You can monetize your blog with affiliate programs, but we do not allow ads that require custom coding and cookies

Questions and Feedback

We love feedback and we love to help. Please post your questions and feedback in the Internetier forums. If you have general blogging questions, please use the blogging forum


The creator of this blogging system started his first blog back in 2007 and has created tens of blogs using vaious systems since then. He realizes that sometimes a simple system with a high quality foundation is the ideal solution.

That is why he made the Internetier Blog web app.