Internetier has several web apps in the making. This includes a discussion forum and a quiz web app, a dating app, a review app, a wishlist app, and more.

The reason we want users to have one account for multiple features is not only for convenience, but also to increase trust between users. For instance, a user posting reviews might already have built a following and trust by participating in the discussion forum. We hope this will help visitors filter out spam reviews which is a one of the big problems of user-generated reviews online.

Editorial Content Policy

Besides the web apps, this website also features editorial content like our best-of lists. Our editor that writes the editorial content is Aleksander Blomquist, born 1986 in Norway. He has been writing web content since 2007 on a wide range of topics, including finance, shopping, brands, tech, affiliate marketing, and more. His native language is Norwegian and his second language is English. That's why we only write editorial content in those two languages at this time.

Our editorial content policy is that we only include things that we are certain about, even though it takes more research and makes us have to leave out some things that would be interesting to read. We also keep the content short and on point aiming to provide enlightening information that is enjoyable to read.