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1000 Watt

1000 Watt is a real estate branding agency encouraging big ideas and smart marketing that enable businesses to make more money online. It's an essential read for anyone in the real estate industry considering branding, re-branding, or launching online.
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101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains is a trusted & professional provider of blockchain research and training. They share practical training for professionals who wish to become global blockchain experts, as well as up-to-date articles for complete beginners looking to understand more.
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48° North

48 North is a magazine & blog written for sailors by sailors. You'll find news & updates from the sailing world, as well as blogs about cruising & racing excursions. You can also place & answer sailing ads in the classified section, and check on their upcoming events and flotillas.
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A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is a hugely successful lifestyle & craft blog that was started by sisters Emma & Elsie. There are fabulous DIY projects for home decor, gifts, and holiday decorations. They also share beauty tips & makeup tutorials, as well as delicious recipes, and happiness advice.
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A Bowl Full Of Lemons

Organizer & author, Toni Hammersly, shares her wisdom on organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and budgeting in her hugely successful blog. Check out her laundry room organizer, or her comprehensive 14-week challenge to declutter your entire home one room at a time.
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A Conservative View From New Hampshire

Ray Cardello is a proud American and a staunch Conservative who has been proactive in politics for years. His blog is an extension of that involvement, where he regularly shares articles and his perspective on current political events and the latest news.
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A Gutsy Girl

After Sarah Kay Hoffman's health took a beating from years of disordered eating, she studied nutrition and started a health coaching business to help others. Her gut-healing plans for eating disorder recovery, as well as IBS & infertility are free & incredibly insightful.
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A Lesson Plan for Teachers

Michele has been a teacher for over 15 years and is the author of this incredibly helpful blog for other teachers. Social Studies is her passion, and she shares fabulous resources & tips to help teachers to create teaching plans that will in turn help students to learn better.
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A Luxury Travel Blog

This blog focuses on the finer & more luxurious aspects of travel. Covering the ultimate accommodations & excursions in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, you'll find travel guides for a safari in Kenya to enjoying private beaches in the Maldives.
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A Spiritual Evolution

"Writing-wise, in her drinking days, Louisa P. wrote stories about oddball characters alienated by a conformist world and published them in literary journals like Northwest Review, Bellingham Review, and Calyx - one of them winning the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction. Life-wise, Louisa has 28 years clean and sober; she works an active program of meetings, stepwork, and service in AA and Al-Anon that has endowed her with a loving family both humongous and diverse."
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A Toddler & A Topknot

Jenise, a lifestyle photographer and stay-at-home mom to two kids, shares her experience of motherhood on her blog, in a beautifully honest way. You'll find encouragement to care for yourself as well as others, posts about parenting, balancing life, beauty, style, and home decor.
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A Way To Garden

This award-winning gardening blog from Margaret Roach, ex-editorial director for Martha Stewart, is an incredibly helpful source of organic gardening inspiration. You'll find plenty of how-to tutorials, as well as plant guides, seasonal gardening advice, and delicious garden-to-table recipes.
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A Wealth of Common Sense

A Wealth of Common Sense focuses on investment advice, explaining the financial markets, the psychology of investors, and wealth management. The author of the blog, Ben Carlson, has written a book with the same name, and also manages investment portfolios at Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC.
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About Face

"Media literacy for teen girls* is essential to their growth. About-Face arms girls with the knowledge and tools they need to fight back against a culture that diminishes and disempowers them."
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Above The Law

For an in-house legal team or corporate counsel professionals, the Above the Law blog is a great place to find comprehensive resources across the legal spectrum. On this well-designed site, which is easy to navigate, you can discover contextually appropriate material to answer all your legal questions.
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Accountants Accelorator

Accountant's Accelerator offers training, coaching & consulting for CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, and other self-employed accounting professionals. You can also check out their blog for advice on growing your practice, earning more & working less, while still providing a great service.
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Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 Decorating is a blog by Kristi, who not only catalogs her own home renovation, she also posts easy home improvement ideas, helpful DIY advice, inspiration for remodels, and interesting before & after furniture-makeover photos.
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Advice To Writers

Looking for some daily motivation to inspire bursts of creativity? Then you might want to check out Advice to Writers by Jon Winokur. His blog is a collection of motivational quotes from past and present writers, as well as a wonderful assemblage of books on the subject of writing, and author interviews.
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Aestas Book Blog

If your favorite books make your heart race, take your breath away, make you cry, then laugh, and keep you up reading all night for the happy ending, then Aestas blog is for you. She hates cliffhangers, loves alpha male heroes, and will only read a book if she knows it has a happy ending. Ultimate romantic!
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Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a financial blog about how you can afford anything, but not everything. It's about getting the most out of your daily life in order to achieve the lifestyle you really want. You'll learn to slash unnecessary expenses while happily spending on what matters to you. You'll also learn to apply the same concept to your attention, time, focus, and energy.
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