Stock Photos Top 5 List - Best Affiliate Programs

Make money promoting stock photo sites with these top affiliate programs.

Notice: This list contains sponsored affiliate links.


Commission: 85% revenue share first month, $72 CPA for stock photos.

Adobe is a renowned brand known for its design software suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The suite is a SaaS product requiring subscriptions. It offers a stock photo site with photos, videos, 3D assets, and templates that integrate with Photoshop and Illustrator.
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Commission: 10% revenue share.

Dreamstime is a popular stock marketplace site that offers a wide range of content in various categories including stock and editorial photos, illustrations, videos, and audio. They have a vast collection of 89 million content creatives and also provide a selection of 189,000 free public domain and CC0 photos. Dreamstime offers deep linking, search functionality, and an API for customized advertising. They provide a commission rate of 10% recurring revenue share for referrals for 3 years, as long as registration occurs within 30 days of the affiliate link click.
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Getty Images

Commission: Up to 20% revenue share for stock photos and 6% for art photos.

Getty Images has launched an affiliate program website that includes a blog and information about their marketing tools and various programs. They offer three top brands and websites for promotion through their affiliate programs, including Getty Images and iStock Photo. Affiliates can earn up to a 10% revenue share for existing customer sales and up to 20% for new customer sales. The website provides marketing tools like an API, coupon codes, promotions, and banners in multiple languages. The sites are also available in over 10 languages for global access. Additionally, offers a curated collection of framed fine photography with over 250,000 photos and new additions regularly.
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Commission: 20% revenue share.

Shutterstock is a stock photo site with a vast collection of over 228 million photos. They also offer editorial photos, music, and videos with daily additions. Available in 20 languages, it accepts 9 currencies and offers advertising options through a search box and an API. Contributors receive a 20% revenue share for 30 days.
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Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

CJ is one of the world's largest affiliate networks and is packed with affiliate programs from well-known brands. The publisher control panel is user-friendly and provides detailed information about each offer. The advertiser search page allows filtering by various criteria. CJ has over 2,700 offers, with a significant number available for USA and UK customers, and varying availability for other countries and languages.

Stock Photos

The Photo category at CJ features about 30 advertisers. This includes Depositphotos which is a stock-photography site paying 20% commissions.
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