Networks Top 22 List - Best Affiliate Programs

Joining an affiliate network is a quick way to get access to lots of top affiliate programs all from the same dashboard. You can easily compare different offers and choose which ones to promote. Some networks specialize in one or a few categories and GEOs while others are global and have offers of all categories.

Notice: This list contains sponsored affiliate links.


Adservice is an Affiliate Network that provides affiliates with various marketing tools such as 3rd party tracking, conversion tracking for Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook, callback, statistic export, API, and deep linking.


AdTraction is an affiliate network in northern Europe, offering a wide range of programs for different categories. They have 335 offers available for Sweden, 166 for Finland, 135 for Norway, 117 for Poland, and 100 for Denmark. Adtraction provides advanced tools such as API, callbacks, and data feed.


Commission: Up to 45% revenue share and $75 CPA.

Armorica is a new affiliate network with 40 brands for affiliates to promote. They offer browsing of offers before registering, including 9 high-paying nutra offers and health affiliate offers related to COVID-19. They also provide Bitcoin and Ethereum payouts for crypto users.


The website allows users to search for affiliate programs by merchant or product name, but navigation can be challenging. Filters can be used to browse categories. However, some products on Avangate appear outdated and it would be beneficial to remove test campaigns from the directory.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates. $30 2-tier commission.

Awin, an affiliate network, has an advertiser directory where anyone can browse programs without logging in. They have a 2-tier program but do not pay recurring commissions. Awin also has a function to find high paying affiliate programs by sorting them based on EPC. Some of the best paying offers are related to real estate, specifically Blueground with a $5.95 EPC and Top Villas with an average EPC of $3.19.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

CJ is a large affiliate network that offers a variety of known brands. The publisher control panel is user-friendly and provides detailed information about each offer. The advertiser search page allows filtering by various criteria. CJ has over 2,700 offers, with a significant number available for USA and UK customers, and varying availability for other countries and languages.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

The list of affiliate programs is easy to navigate and provides useful information such as average commission per sale. The network offers thousands of products across various categories, including digital expert guides, software tools, and more. Users can browse offers without logging in and access data on average sales and commission rates. Additionally, some offers are available in different languages.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

This is a highly popular affiliate network, primarily offering Australian offers. It currently has around 570 affiliate programs, with some accepting global traffic while most are focused on the Australian market. New programs are frequently added. The network provides a user-friendly and modern affiliate dashboard, along with a variety of marketing tools such as coupons, promotions, data feeds, widgets, videos, images, text links, and banners. It also features high-paying programs that are easily accessible.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates. 2-tier scheme.

FlexOffers is a large affiliate network offering over 11,000 programs for various countries. They provide an advanced search function to filter programs based on specific criteria. They also have a separate section for credit card programs that require manual approval and specific qualifications.

Health Trader

Commission: 13% - 50% revenue share. 1% of orders 2-tier commission.

Health Trader is an affiliate network with offers and programs available in multiple languages. They provide live support, free optimization tips, and a wide range of health-related products to promote. The network also offers advertising material, detailed performance data, and information on commissions and conversion rates.


Commission: 35% - 50% revenue share for most products.

The affiliate network offers a variety of products to promote, including video editing software, a video editing guide, and a make money online guide. The top offers have one-page landing pages with sales copy and prominent call-to-action buttons. Affiliates can earn commissions not only from the initial sale but also from upsells and recurring charges. The network allows users to browse offers by category and sort them by sales or EPC. However, some offers may be outdated, and more information about the products on the 'find offers' page would be beneficial.

Market Health

Commission: About $45 CPA and 50% revenue share on average. 5% 2-tier commission.

This network offers over 200 high-paying products in the health and beauty niches, addressing various health problems. They have a wide range of offers, including hair regrowth, hair removal, sexual health, anti-aging, skincare, and weight loss products. The landing pages are available in multiple languages. The affiliate interface is user-friendly but slightly outdated. Quick registration allows instant promotion of products.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates. 5% 2-tier commission for 1 year.

MaxBounty is a popular affiliate network with global offers. They have over 200 dating programs, 250 eCommerce offers, 250 financial programs, and over 270 health offers. They offer high-paying programs in various categories such as tax relief, crypto, Bitcoin, and forex trading. However, a drawback is that they only offer payouts via Payoneer.

Partner Ads

Commission: Wide range of commission rates. 50 kr 2-tier commission.

Sign up at this network as a Danish affiliate marketer to gain access to over 700 offers.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten marketing is a global affiliate network that has been voted the #1 network 7 years in a row. Their affiliate interface is a little outdated but easy to use. They offer advanced advertiser search with filter options, and have a large number of advertisers for various countries.


Commission: 30% - 50% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission.

SellHealth is an affiliate network specializing in health-related products, including men's and women's health, sexual health, anti-aging, skin care, and hair care. They offer great commission rates, ranging from 30% to 50%, and a recurring 2-tier program. Members also gain access to SellHealth University, which provides valuable resources on SEO, PPC, and copywriting for affiliate marketing.

Share A Sale

Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

Share A Sale is a popular affiliate network with a wide range of programs, especially in fashion, interior, and health-related categories. Though the site design is simple, it is user-friendly. However, finding quality offers can be difficult as low-quality offers often appear at the top. The network provides access to a database of coupons, deals, and gift cards. Many programs have good average PPC values and offer information on order cancellations.

Sovrn //Commerce

Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

VigLink has changed its name to Sovrn //Commerce, but they still use the domain. The network offers many world-leading brands, including top fashion brands like H&M, Victoria's Secret, and GAP. They have features and tools to help with affiliate linking, including an affiliate linking script, a tool called 'Anywhere' to turn product URLs into monetized affiliate links, and a bookmarklet for creating affiliate links while browsing participating stores. Joining the network is easy with two clicks to connect your login with your Google account.


Tradedoubler is a popular affiliate network with offices in Europe and Singapore. While the program search function within the publisher dashboard is easy to use, it appears outdated and in need of a redesign after remaining the same for around 10 years.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

This affiliate network has branches in many countries and is available in various languages. Its primary markets are the UK and the EU. They offer a wide range of affiliate programs for different niches, including online shops, fashion, travel, trading, and gambling. The UK network includes popular travel brands like Momondo and Trivago. The network provides translations in multiple languages, creating a localized and user-friendly experience. Additionally, they have a helpful section on their website for browsing current offers before joining.