Gaming Top 6 List - Best Affiliate Programs

These are some awesome affiliate programs related to gaming. Video games, board games, gaming computers, and more.

Notice: This list contains sponsored affiliate links.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

CJ is one of the world's largest affiliate networks and is packed with affiliate programs from well-known brands. The publisher control panel is user-friendly and provides detailed information about each offer. The advertiser search page allows filtering by various criteria. CJ has over 2,700 offers, with a significant number available for USA and UK customers, and varying availability for other countries and languages.


The electronic games and games categories at CJ are home to about 30 affiliate programs. This includes the one for Kinguin which is an online, global marketplace for video game keys paying 5% commissions, Humble Bundle which is paying 8%, and paying 6%.
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Commission: Wide range of commission rates. 5% 2-tier commission for 1 year.

MaxBounty is a popular affiliate network with global offers. They have over 200 dating programs, 250 eCommerce offers, 250 financial programs, and over 270 health offers. They offer high-paying programs in various categories such as tax relief, crypto, Bitcoin, and forex trading. However, a drawback is that they only offer payouts via Payoneer.
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Sovrn //Commerce

Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

VigLink has changed its name to Sovrn //Commerce, but they still use the domain. The network offers many world-leading brands, including top fashion brands like H&M, Victoria's Secret, and GAP. They have features and tools to help with affiliate linking, including an affiliate linking script, a tool called 'Anywhere' to turn product URLs into monetized affiliate links, and a bookmarklet for creating affiliate links while browsing participating stores. Joining the network is easy with two clicks to connect your login with your Google account.
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Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

vCommission is India's largest affiliate network with over 18,000 publishers and 500 merchants. They offer gambling offers for Indian, EU, UK, US, and Scandinavian traffic, as well as other offers from brands like Amazon, GoDaddy, Dominos, and AliExpress. Their intuitive dashboard allows for easy offer search, but there are some issues with filtering options. They provide various marketing tools including APIs and a mobile app for performance tracking.
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Walmart Affiliate Progam

Commission: 0% - 4% revenue share.

Walmart is a popular online store in the US known for its low prices and large selection. It offers well-organized categories and filters for easy browsing. As a competitor to Amazon, Walmart's commission rates for referral purchases vary based on product categories, ranging from 0% to 4%. Specific categories like postpaid mobile devices offer a $10 CPA and the one-hour photo category pays a 3% commission.
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Commission: 20% - 30% revenue share.

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with an affiliate program that offers discount links to attract conversions. The game features innovative turn-based combat, player-driven evolution, and upgrade-based character progression. Top affiliates have referred thousands of sales and earned nearly $200,000 in commissions. NFTs in Wizardia are priced between $77 and $300 each.
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