Sexual Health Top 8 List - Best Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the best sex-related affiliate programs and networks. Get paid high commissions on male enhancement, female libido, fertility, and testosterone-related products.

Notice: This list contains sponsored affiliate links.


Commission: Up to 40% of initial sale and 20% recurring.

NutriProfits is a health affiliate network that offers lifetime cookies and recurring commissions. They have 58 offers available for promotion in various GEOs, including anti-aging, hair loss, and weight loss offers. Affiliates can earn average commissions ranging from $21 to $48 per sale through revenue share percentages. They also have an invite-only 2-tier program with lifetime recurring commissions for referring new affiliates.

Sexual Health

NutriProfits has several sex-related affiliate programs you can promote including a female fertility offer paying about $23, 8 male enhancement offers paying between $26 and $41, in addition breast enhancement, female intimate care, female libido offers, and more.
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Commission: 30% - 50% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission.

SellHealth is an affiliate network specializing in health-related products, including men's and women's health, sexual health, anti-aging, skin care, and hair care. They offer great commission rates, ranging from 30% to 50%, and a recurring 2-tier program. Members also gain access to SellHealth University, which provides valuable resources on SEO, PPC, and copywriting for affiliate marketing.

Sexual Health

The sexual health category at SellHealth features almost 30 products that you can promote. These pay between 40% and 50% revenue share which means you can earn over $100 for many of them.
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Market Health

Commission: About $45 CPA and 50% revenue share on average. 5% 2-tier commission.

This network offers over 200 high-paying products in the health and beauty niches, addressing various health problems. They have a wide range of offers, including hair regrowth, hair removal, sexual health, anti-aging, skincare, and weight loss products. The landing pages are available in multiple languages. The affiliate interface is user-friendly but slightly outdated. Quick registration allows instant promotion of products.
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Health Trader

Commission: 13% - 50% revenue share. 1% of orders 2-tier commission.

Health Trader is an affiliate network with offers and programs available in multiple languages. They provide live support, free optimization tips, and a wide range of health-related products to promote. The network also offers advertising material, detailed performance data, and information on commissions and conversion rates.
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Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

The list of affiliate programs is easy to navigate and provides useful information such as average commission per sale. The network offers thousands of products across various categories, including digital expert guides, software tools, and more. Users can browse offers without logging in and access data on average sales and commission rates. Additionally, some offers are available in different languages.
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Commission: 20% - 40% revenue share.

MoreNiche is a popular affiliate network offering limited affiliate programs in categories such as adult, beauty, bodybuilding, health, and weight loss. There are 7 weight loss programs for European and North American GEOs, 3 adult programs related to men's sexual health, and 2 beauty programs including skin whitening and luxury anti-aging cream.
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Share A Sale

Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

Share A Sale is a popular affiliate network with a wide range of programs, especially in fashion, interior, and health-related categories. Though the site design is simple, it is user-friendly. However, finding quality offers can be difficult as low-quality offers often appear at the top. The network provides access to a database of coupons, deals, and gift cards. Many programs have good average PPC values and offer information on order cancellations.
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Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

vCommission is India's largest affiliate network with over 18,000 publishers and 500 merchants. They offer gambling offers for Indian, EU, UK, US, and Scandinavian traffic, as well as other offers from brands like Amazon, GoDaddy, Dominos, and AliExpress. Their intuitive dashboard allows for easy offer search, but there are some issues with filtering options. They provide various marketing tools including APIs and a mobile app for performance tracking.
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