Investing Top 13 List - Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing paying 25% recurring revenue share for gold investments, $788 CPA for investment tips, and even more for other programs.

Notice: This list contains sponsored affiliate links.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates. $30 2-tier commission.

Awin, an affiliate network, has an advertiser directory where anyone can browse programs without logging in. They have a 2-tier program but do not pay recurring commissions. Awin also has a function to find high paying affiliate programs by sorting them based on EPC. Some of the best paying offers are related to real estate, specifically Blueground with a $5.95 EPC and Top Villas with an average EPC of $3.19.


Commission: 25% recurring revenue share. 6.25% 2-tier commission.

BullionVault is the largest online investment gold service globally, managing $2 billion for over 75,000 users. They offer highly rated services, including high-security vaults and marketing tools. The commission rate is favorable, and their 2-tier program allows users to earn money by referring new participants to their referral program.

Capitalist Exploits

Commission: $788 - $1,750 CPA.

Capitalist Exploits is a highly rated investment platform offering two high ticket investment products. Their Insider product provides access to professional fund manager Chris MacIntosh's personal investment portfolio, while their Resource Insider service offers early-stage opportunities in mining projects. The affiliate program offers high commissions for each sale referred. More information about each product can be found on the affiliate dashboard.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

CJ is a large affiliate network that offers a variety of known brands. The publisher control panel is user-friendly and provides detailed information about each offer. The advertiser search page allows filtering by various criteria. CJ has over 2,700 offers, with a significant number available for USA and UK customers, and varying availability for other countries and languages.

eToro Partners

Commission: $100 - $250 CPA.

eToro Partners is the affiliate program for a popular online social trading platform. With over 30 million monthly website visitors, eToro allows traders to follow and copy successful traders, share their own trades, and engage with a social community. The platform offers a wide range of CFD instruments including currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and ETFs. Additionally, eToro caters to both short-term traders and long-term investors by offering leverage for CFD trading as well as the ability to purchase stocks and cryptocurrencies without leverage, without charging commission.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates. 2-tier scheme.

FlexOffers is a large affiliate network offering over 11,000 programs for various countries. They provide an advanced search function to filter programs based on specific criteria. They also have a separate section for credit card programs that require manual approval and specific qualifications.

Freedom 24

Commission: 250 - 2,400 CPA.

Freedom 24 is an investment platform that offers trading and investing in a wide range of instruments including stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, and options on global exchanges. Clients can invest in various types of bonds for fixed income and have the opportunity to participate in IPOs. New clients can quickly open a brokerage account, and the affiliate program offers generous rewards for referrals based on the client's initial deposit.


Commission: 10% recurring revenue share.

Hodlnaut is a crypto lending and borrowing company with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. They have a great-looking website and a legitimate reputation. Their affiliate program offers a 10% recurring commission rate based on the interest earned by the referral, with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Hodlnaut also provides competitive interest rates, including 6.2% APY for Bitcoin, 6.7% for Ethereum, and over 10% for USDC and USDT. Additionally, the program offers a $20 bonus for referrals using the referral link.

RA Wealth Partners

Commission: 1% - 3% recurring revenue share + $30 to $100 PPL. 1% - 2% 2-tier revenue share.

Regal Assets is a high paying affiliate program that offers alternative investing options in metals and cryptocurrencies. They provide opportunities for high net worth individuals to diversify their investment portfolios with exposure to precious metals like gold and early access to crypto investing and a crypto wallet. Commission rates are based on the net investments made by referred investors. Additionally, they offer a mentor program for affiliates to receive guidance from experienced mentors who have generated significant revenue with RA Wealth Partners.


Commission: $5 per signup, $20 per funded account.

Robinhood is a popular online trading brand known for its commission-free stock trading and investing. The company generates revenue by selling customer orders, which allows them to offer free trades. While not one of the highest paying affiliate programs, it can still be a worthwhile option for promotion.

Share A Sale

Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

Share A Sale is a popular affiliate network with a wide range of programs, especially in fashion, interior, and health-related categories. Though the site design is simple, it is user-friendly. However, finding quality offers can be difficult as low-quality offers often appear at the top. The network provides access to a database of coupons, deals, and gift cards. Many programs have good average PPC values and offer information on order cancellations.

Simply Investing Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% recurring revenue share.

Simply Investing offers an online course on successful dividend investing using value investing techniques. The course is priced at $197 and has additional options priced at $297 and $597. They also sell subscriptions for their investing report and offer a seminar. They provide a recurring 20% commission rate for referrals who make multiple purchases.


Commission: 30% recurring revenue share.

TradingView offers advanced and visually appealing charts for stock traders, with the ability to layer multiple charts and add numerous technical indicators. They provide data for an extensive range of stocks, indices, currencies, futures, crypto, and bonds. The platform offers a free version with limited functionality and paid pro plans starting at $9.95/mo. Affiliates can earn recurring income through long-term customer retention.