Bitcoin Top 22 List - Best Affiliate Programs

List with reviews of the best bitcoin related affiliate programs.

Notice: This list contains sponsored affiliate links.


Commission: 20% - 40% revenue share.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Their top 3 affiliates have earned over 100 Bitcoin each. Binance offers two trading exchanges, with commission rates starting at 20% and increasing to 40% for users with over 500 Binance Coin. They also provide free crypto and blockchain training material, a list of top 100 cryptocurrencies, and an official crypto wallet called Trust Wallet.


Commission: 10% - 20% revenue share.

BitMex is a popular website that offers Bitcoin trading with high leverage for altcoin contracts and up to 50 leverage for Ethereum contracts. They claim to be the most advanced trading platform for Bitcoin. The website provides an affiliate program with a 10% fee discount for 6 months for customers referred by affiliates, and the commission rate is determined by the amount of Bitcoin referred for trading.


Commission: 25% - 30% revenue share. 0% - 10% 2-tier commission.

The Bybit affiliate program is the top-ranked crypto affiliate program on Affiliate Marketing Pro due to their solid services, high popularity, and lifetime recurring revenue share. Bybit accepts customers from various countries, pays up to 30% in commissions, offers a 2-tier commission of 10%, and allows for commission negotiation.


Commission: Wide range of commission rates.

CJ is a large affiliate network that offers a variety of known brands. The publisher control panel is user-friendly and provides detailed information about each offer. The advertiser search page allows filtering by various criteria. CJ has over 2,700 offers, with a significant number available for USA and UK customers, and varying availability for other countries and languages.


Commission: 50% revenue share for 3 months.

Coinbase is a well-known brand in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. They offer various services including buying and selling cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency storage, and a cryptocurrency exchange called Coinbase Pro. They have an affiliate program with a high commission rate, although the commissions are only earned for the first 3 months of referred Coinbase activities. Despite this limitation, Coinbase's high status in the industry is likely to attract many affiliates.


Commission: 0.1% - 0.2% recurring CPA.

CoinLoan is a well-known crypto lending and borrowing company that provides various services such as a crypto exchange, interest-earning accounts, and crypto-backed loans. They offer recurring commission rates for referrals based on their exchange, loan, and interest account activities, lasting for the lifetime of the referrals.

Coinrule Affiliate Program

Commission: 25% recurring revenue share.

Coinrule is an automated crypto trading bot platform that enables cryptocurrency traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds without coding knowledge. They offer a user-friendly interface and provide marketing materials for their affiliate solution, which offers a 25% recurring revenue share and the potential for a significant commission per referral.


Commission: 10% - 20% revenue share.

Deribit is a popular cryptocurrency options trading site that offers Bitcoin and Ethereum trading with perpetual swaps and futures. They have a top cryptocurrency trading affiliate program, offering a 20% revenue share for the first 6 months and then 10%. Affiliates can provide traders with a 10% trading discount for the first 6 months, benefiting both parties.

easyMarkets Partners

Commission: $200 - $600 CPA. 10% 2-tier commission.

easyMarkets is an online trading provider that offers forex and CFD trading, including popular cryptocurrencies. With a rating of 4.8/5.0 from over 1,200 reviews on TrustPilot, easyMarkets is highly regarded. Affiliates have the potential to earn CPA commissions ranging from $200 to $600 per client.

eToro Partners

Commission: $100 - $250 CPA.

eToro Partners is the affiliate program for a popular online social trading platform. With over 30 million monthly website visitors, eToro allows traders to follow and copy successful traders, share their own trades, and engage with a social community. The platform offers a wide range of CFD instruments including currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and ETFs. Additionally, eToro caters to both short-term traders and long-term investors by offering leverage for CFD trading as well as the ability to purchase stocks and cryptocurrencies without leverage, without charging commission.

Commission: Up to 40% revenue share. is a popular crypto exchange ranked as a top 3 spot exchange and a top 10 derivatives exchange. Their affiliate program offers instant access to referral links and customizable commission rebate ratios. The exchange provides various features such as spot trading, margin trading, perpetual futures, options, leveraged tokens, and a user-friendly crypto copy-trading system.

IC Markets Partners

IC Markets is a forex CFD market leader with over 200,000 clients worldwide. They offer a wide range of tradable instruments, including cryptocurrency CFDs, share CFDs, commodity CFDs, and CFDs for indices. Affiliates receive 24/7 support.


Commission: 20% revenue share, 10% recurring revenue share.

Koinly is a popular crypto tax service with over 300 supported exchanges and wallets. With up to 3 million monthly users, it is one of the top crypto-related services. It offers a highly relevant advertising opportunity on crypto-related websites and an attractive affiliate program with 20% commissions on initial purchases and 10% revenue share for future payments.


Commission: 20% recurring revenue share.

Kraken is ranked as the 4th most popular cryptocurrency spot exchange. They offer an affiliate program where you can earn 20% recurring revenue share for the life of your referral. The maximum amount you can earn per referral is $1,000.


Commission: Up to 40% revenue share. 5% 2-tier commission.

KuCoin is a popular crypto spot exchange and derivatives trading site. It is ranked as a top exchange by CoinGecko and offers a 10/10 trust score. The exchange has a strong affiliate program with high commission rates and instant access to affiliate links.


Commission: 10% revenue share.

Ledger, a popular company in the crypto hardware wallet industry, pays a 10% commission for sales of their wallets priced at around $60 and $120. Despite being a big company with over 140 employees and a popular website, their commission rates are not as high as their competitor, Trezor.


Commission: 20%, 1%, and 0.2% revenue share.

Nexo is a leading lending institution in the digital finance industry with over 4 million users in 200 jurisdictions. They have a large social media community and receive up to 10 million monthly visitors on their website. Their affiliate program offers high commission rates for interest earned, borrow amounts, and swap volumes.


Commission: Up to 60% revenue share.

OKX is a top cryptocurrency exchange that offers various services such as interest on crypto investments and borrowing Bitcoin and USDT. They have a generous affiliate program that rewards users for referring crypto traders, with mystery boxes worth up to $500 as rewards. Professional affiliates can easily become an affiliate by filling out a form.


Commission: 50% of generated Escrow fees, 10% on the 2nd tier.

Paxful is a popular crypto website offering users the ability to buy or sell crypto. They stand out by providing 400 payment options, including Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, and PayPal. However, the affiliate program only pays commission for customers using escrow for crypto purchases.


Commission: Up to 800 CPA.

Skilling is a new forex and CFD trading provider with a popular website. They offer trading on a wide range of instruments including forex pairs, shares, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, totaling over 800 instruments.