The Internetier Forum at launch consists of thousands of forums all neatly organized. Instead of having to register for new forums all the time when you want to discuss another topic, we hope having all of these forums available with one login will be of convenience.

As you post new threads, replies, and react by giving thumb ratings to the content posted by other users, you help let our system know what content is hot and what users are most trustworthy.

Energy & Levels

Two of the unique features of this forum is the enegergy and level systems. As you participate in the forum and receive replies and thumbs up and down, you'll gain and lose levels. Your level is displayed next to your profile picture. How high a level a user has helps others decide if the user is trustworthy or not.

The higher your level, the higher your daily enegery is which will boost your actions on the forum. Let's say you are level 2, then your thumbs up rating on a post will count twice as a thumbs up giving from a level 1 user.

Unlimited Nested Discussions

All threads and posts in the forum can have unlimited nested discussions, making it possible to discuss every angle of a topic in the same thread. Simply click on the Focus link to focus in on a reply to show only nested discussions under that reply.

The Future of Discussions

We hope that our unique set of features will enable online discussions in a way never before experienced. Join today and help shape the future of discussions!