The Internetier Forum at launch consists of thousands of forums all neatly organized. Instead of having to register for new forums all the time when you want to discuss another topic, we hope having all of these forums available with one login will be of convenience.

As you post new threads, replies, and react by giving thumb ratings to the content posted by other users, you help let our system know what content is hot and what users are most trustworthy.


Much of the content has a feature called energy. You generate energy for threads, replies, and users by participating and giving thumb ratings. Negative thumb ratings drain energy instead. When other people reply to your posts or give you thumb ratings, your energy is affected.

You may only affect another user's energy every 30 days. And you may only affect the energy of threads and replies once forever.

The amount of energy a user generate or drain for their actions is calculated as a portion of their energy. The minimum amount is 0.01. 

New users start with 0 energy so their actions will only generate 0.01 energy. Established users that generate a lot of participation for their threads and replies will generate much more energy for their actions. That is if they are are not on the receiving end of too many thumb down ratings by other users.

Spend your energy wisely and be part of shaping what content surfaces to the top of the lists with your actions.

Ads & Monetization

There are no ads on the site, except that people are allowed to post their own affiliate links and sponsored content. We have not decided if there will be regular ads as well in the future, but hope to avoid it. However, letting users earn money by participating is important to us. If the site gets decent amount of users we plan on adding a support option to let users support other users with a monthly subscription.

This might be a bit far out, but if the forum, in the future, would be able to generate a living for people discussing important, and less important, topics that would be awesome.