The internet, crypto, and zero knowledge proof technology enables direct democracy in a new way never before tried. There can be hundreds of things to vote on at any given time. Now, most western countries at least, are electing a leader and leading political party for 4 years. In this period, they are free to do almost as they wish. They don't even have to follow through on promises that they gave to win the election.

Voting on issues instead of people

If voters insted could vote on issues, the country would be much more democratic. This shift should also make voting much less time consuming by utilizing new crypto-technology, and the internet. There would be many websites sharing all current, future and previous voting events. A voter can securely log in and vote online, resting assured his vote is being counted, thanks to a zero knowledge proof script, that anyone who knows a bit of programming can verify.

Some less important voting events would get less participation and press, while more important ones, like for instance, if the military should be involved in a war, would get almost everyone engaged.

Putting more thought into votes

This new form of direct democracy should also encourage people only to vote on things that they care about and have knowledge about. We wouldn't want to encourage people to vote on everything. That would be too time consuming or in the worst case, cause people to just vote almost randomly without giving any thoughts on each vote given.

One less problem

As is the case now, we would still have to cope with entities with a lot of power, influence, and money to use the media outlets to sway voters to vote for their benefit. But, we would have one less problem by not having to elect someone who might do just the opposite of what she promised in the election.