Having your own forums for your business or other organization or group can provide a great way to prove support for your users. Your group can have as many members as you wish, all of whom will gain moderation rights to all posts in your forums. Your profile picture will feature a crown icon, which indicates to other users you have royal privileges to applicable threads.

Not only are these forums great for communicating with your existing users, but you can also provide helpful replies in other forums (there are over 4,000 forums so far) and recruit new users. As you participate in your own forums and other forums, you'll gain levels and energy, which will help boost your visibility on all forums.

If you are interested, please contact us and we'll have your forums set up. It's totally free of charge!

What are the Internetier Forums?

The idea behind the Internetier Forums is being able to discuss all sorts of topics in one forum with the same user account. As users participate, they gain levels and energy, which amplifies their actions. New users will start with low influence in the forums, but as they participate and receive thumbs ups and replies, they gain levels.

This gives less value to creating spam accounts and bot accounts and more value to users that put in the time to participate in the discussions.

Be noted that some of the features are work in progress, and you are welcome to provide feedback and suggest features.